Knowing the technical capabilities of PEGASUS

Quality assurance

Pegasus is committed to building-in Quality, using superior designs, top class Quality Systems and controlled manufacturing processes - To meet or exceed our Customers’ requirement. Ranging from supplier selection, material procurement, semi-finished product processing, and finished product testing.

Each step is tracked and recorded by MES system. Each product with unique ID code can trace the product`s information.

Quality system: ISO9001, ISO14001, QC080000, OHAS18001, LIMS, jira, clean workshop (100k)


Pegasus has built a complete laboratory with well-equipped laboratories that can independently perform extraction tests, and conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis through Py-GC-MS. Our lab engineers have professional knowledge and experiment operation and analysis ability. Completed and advanced test equipment can meet various test requirements from customers.



  • Quality assurance and services:

  • 1.All-stage scientific testing

  • (1)Physic testing (temperature, power consumption, drop, oscillation, etc.)

  • (2)Chemistry laboratory; (extraction, GC-MS))

  • 2.Strict quality control;

  • (1)Quality verification at each stage

  • (2)Quality assurance training;

  • 3.Quality system