Knowing the technical capabilities of PEGASUS

Design and engineering

Pegasus focuses on the products` design and engineering, we have about 70 professional design team members and can get the strong support from Tonly electronics that has more than 600 R&D engineers. Based on the market-driven product development and management, we have a complete product development process to insure the products can be smoothly launched in time.

New product development

Product specification

Feasibility assessmentProject planDevelopmentVerificationReleaseMPEOL




Project development cycle is shortened and product performs well after professional software simulation to avoid the risk in advance.

Mechanical Strength

ThermoElectronics Impedance

  • R&D capabilities:

  • Industrial design

  • 3D CAD

  • Functional prototype

  • Tolerance analysis

  • Simulation analysis

  • Mold flow analysis

  • Waterproof design

  • Production assembly and process design

  • Automation design

  • Failure mode and impact analysis