Knowing the technical capabilities of PEGASUS


We have a 100K clean room to meet the assembly requirement of food-grade products.  Over 100 automatic development team members can independently develop full automatic assembly lines to satisfy customers` high quality requirements of products. The advanced MES system can also trace every single product`s data. Our experienced engineering team also has the capability to handle various complex process requirements. 17 full automatic SMT line in our workshop can meet the high demand from customers. Complete testing types including air tightness level test, temperature calibration test, running-in life test, visual inspection test, ATS function test and other tests is the assurance of the products` quality. Medical-grade, fully automated packaging equipment can produce 1200 pcs per hour.

100K clean room for precision assembly

    Top grade compressed air filter to purify and compress air

    Air-conditioning wind cabinet, purify the air, 10,0000 cleanliness

    Water filter, meet the drinking water standard after purifying the water

    Exhaust/hood, purify the air

    Material air shower room.  Semi-finished product dust removal and sterilization, semi-finished product assembly transfer dust removal and sterilization

    UV lamp sterilization

Automated assembly solutions

    Automation R&D team with more than 100 experienced engineers

    5 different types of fully automatic production lines

   More than 20 operation robots including ABB, EPSON, Yamaha, etc.

MES traceability system

   Site operation control

   Product information traceability

   Equipment management

   Quality control

   Data collection

SMT automated production

   Automated software programming

   SMT automation line: 17

   Full monthly capacity: 600 million points

   Manual test lines: 10

   Full monthly capacity: 3.5 million

   Automated test line: 2

   Full monthly capacity: 1000,000

Testing ability

Our testing capabilities cover all functions of the products including PCBA and finished goods in their life cycles. All testing equipment are independently developed ourselves and has intellectual property rights. After years of research and development on the E-cigarette industry, some of the testing equipment is initiate in this industry, which includes part testing equipment, automatic temperature calibration machines, ATS tester, air tightness tester, high-precision resistance tester, etc. Relying on the automated R&D team, all current tests can be integrated to be one-stop automated testing. Currently, we have 2 PCBA automatic test lines and 5 ATS automatic test lines.

Air tightness & waterproof level test

Temperature calibration

   High-precision K-type thermocouple temperature measurement system

   Thermal image temperature measurement system

   On-line thermal image automatic calibration system

Production process control

    High-precision resistance test system

   Product running-in test system

Visual inspection

    Concentricity Visual Inspection System

   Verticality visual inspection system

    Solder joint visual inspection system

    Heating coil Visual inspection system

ATS functional test system

    Complete goods/parts ATS test system

   Fully automatic PCBA ATS test system


Our various advanced and efficient packaging equipment include general-grade and medical-grade one can complete product capsule packaging, film sealing packaging, etc. Our optical inspection& coding integrated machine to complete the QR code spraying and scanning to trace product`s data. Our equipment mainly includes: unpacking machine, sealing machine, aluminum-plastic capsule packaging machine, heating-shrinking film packaging machine, etc.

Product packaging

   Fully automatic Medical-grade packaging equipment

    1200pcs per hour

Optical inspection coding

   Product information traceability

  • Assembly

  • Clean room

  • Automated assembly solutions

  • MES traceability system

  • SMT automated production

  • Testing ability

  • Air tightness & waterproof level test

  • Temperature calibration

  • Production process control

  • Visual inspection

  • ATS functional test system

  • Packaging

  • Product packaging

  • Optical inspection coding