Knowing the technical capabilities of PEGASUS

Injection and spraying

We have professional and excellent injection capacities.

Our large parts injection workshop, precision injection workshop, double-shot injection workshop, dust-free workshop can meet various parts needs. And precision injection workshop specializes in the E-cigarette products, which has more than 60 injection machines imported from Japan. We`re pursuing products` full automation production,  and all gate cut and secondary injection molding in the process are automated, and the injection molded parts are proceeded in centralized way to achieve automated production.

We have full automatic spraying lines and 6-axis robot spraying lines, all spraying process meets safety and environmental standards in a clean workshop.

Double-Shot spraying


Double-Shot injection HaiTain machines: total18 sets, 

incl. 13 sets 250T / 3 set 230T / 2 sets 130T; 

Different tonnage can satisfy different part’s requirements.

Precision injection


58 sets electric power injection machine


Dust free workshop


Dust-free house, tonnage 100T--470T,

dust proof grade= 100K

Suitable Product:Lens,high gloss part

Automation processing


Automatic spraying

10K Dust control workshop: 6axis robots  painting for  6 faces( max dimension 400*1200mm )


  • Excellent injection capacities:

  • Double-Shot spraying

  • Precision injection

  • Dust free workshop

  • Automation processing

  • Automatic spraying