Knowing the technical capabilities of PEGASUS

Mold design and manufacturing

We have a complete production chain from mold design, mold manufacturing to final mold-parts output. We have been in in this industry for 20 years and have the professional engineering team. We also have the advanced imported equipment like top level injection molding machine, precision processing equipment with the precision up to 0.003mm, 3D printer, and rapid cold &hot injection molding. Based on Industry 4.0, our automation can meet various customers` demand, and our color matching laboratory can accurately make customer`s color samples in the shortest time.

Designing ability

Our excellent mold design ability can meet various needs from customers. In addition to many experienced mold designers and engineers, we also have more than 1,000 experienced engineering engineers and technicians.


CAD/UG, Mold Flow, CAE and other professional software are widely used in our company to assist the model`s design. We evaluate carefully the product` feasibility of Mass production to insure every project can be successful. The 3D printing verification goes on firstly to reduce the risk in the early stage.


Our excellent ability of mold design is from our customers` satisfaction.


Mold making

Our most mold machines are imported from Japan, Germany, Switzerland and their precision can be up to 0.003mm. Our experienced engineers with more than 10 years in mold making ensure all kinds of complex molds can be successfully made in time, and our monthly output reaches to 60 units.


During the mold manufacturing process, the dimensions of the parts in the each processing section are measured to ensure the quality of products.


  • Design ability

  • Manufacturing capacity

  • International certification